Sustainability &

Community Development 


  • ETG aims to report according to the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations.
  • The group has implemented an effective integrated ETG Management system, compliant with International standards.
  • All Group companies track their Environment, Occupational Health and Safety performance including Electricity & Fuel consumption which is collated annually for the Group Annual Sustainability report.

ETG Management System:  


IFC Performance Standards (PS)


Environment Management System (EMS)
ISO 14001


Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001


Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001


Certification for Fertiliser operations “IFA – Protect & Sustain”


Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)


Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) ISO 22000

Community Development:  

ETC Holdings strongly focuses on sustainable initiatives and invite all stakeholders to not only observe, but participate in our drive communities.  Our goal is to stimulate growth & foster the development of rural economies.

We believe in the fair treatment of people regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age.  To promote equality, ETC has implemented a Recruitment and Employee Evaluation Process based on the principle of justice and fairness. 

ETG Farmers Foundation (EFF) empower smallholder communities in Sub-Saharan Africa by equipping them with the knowledge and capabilities needed to succeed beyond subsistence farming.

The Beyond Beans Foundation is fully dedicated to developing and implementing projects across ETG’s commodity supply chains in collaboration with partner companies, NGOs and government agencies.