Pulses, Sesame, Nuts


ETG Pulses division operates the largest pulses processing plant in the World.  The plant, situated in Calcutta, has a processing capacity of 360 000 mt per annum, and is fully automated.

A key driver to success is the fact that we have on the ground operations in the major pulses markets of India, Africa, Myanmar and Canada and we are one of the top 3 pulses importers in India.

With its strong distribution network, ETG Pulses division is in the position to establish a link between pulses surplus and deficit regions.


Over 60 % of traded sesame originates in Africa, of which 70 % takes place at farm gate level.  Our high-quality natural, edible & hulled sesame seeds are exported to Japan, China, the Middle East, Turkey, Europe and USA.

ETG commands 15-20% of market share in the global sesame trade, making us one of the leading partners of choice. In addition, our Sesame offering includes sesame paste, roasted edible & roasted hulled sesame seeds for its customers in East and South-East Asia.


#1 supplier of African peanuts with origination from African (Senegal, Sudan, Ethiopia & Mozambique) and preferred supplier of peanuts from other origins (Argentina, US, China) with total capacity to handle over 70,000 MT of peanuts every year.

Key strengths in distribution to Asia with customers in major destinations such as China, Indonesia & Vietnam. We are expanding our offering to include Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Macadamias & Pecan Nuts.